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Tiffany Marie Whittle
was born on January 14 1992 In Columbia Missouri to
Marilyn Whittle. She was born 5 weeks early
and was 4 lbs 3 Ozs, and 17 inches long.
From the begining Tiffany had problems with
her physical health. She had respiratory and
congenital hert problems.
At birth she was admitted to the Neonatal
Intensive Care Unit. Tiffany had her first
surgery at 4 days old.
On February 6 Tiffany had symptoms of
congestive heart failure.
On April 3 she was transferred to St Louis
Childrens Hospital in St Louis, Missouri
for surgery to correct her heart PDA and VCD.
She was finally discharged from the Hospital
on May 11, 1992, the day after Mothers Day
Oh, was I one happy Mom!
Tiffany was back in the hospital on
July 12, I had found her unresponsive and
by July 19 she was back in St Louis Childrens
Hospital with cough and weezing.
On July 22 Tiffany underwent a cardiac
catherization, and was in surgery again
July 31 to repair a VSD and and again
August 7 to repair 2 more VSDs.
She had experiencd complete heart Blockage
and had pacemaker leads inserted.
On August 14 her pacemaker was connected.
Tiffany was discharged home and the end
of August.
On September 13 1992 Tiffany had a
Hypoxic I Schemic accident probably caused
by a seizure. She was found unresponsive with
her eyes rolled back in her head.
Tiffany was air lifted to UMHC in Columbia
As a result of this Tiffany had Cerebral Palsy.
This was all in the first year of her life.
She had 8 surgeries in her lifetime.
Tiffany was My Life
She passsed away on February 1, 2000
in her sleep. She was 8 years Old


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